About Us


The word "zaika" means taste or flavour, a race that knew the secrets of fine flavours before anyone else in the Continent.

Zaika brings together this deep understanding of Food from across the seas, and blends it with India's own unique experience with taste, to craft "glocal" recipes that simply "ignite" the palette and feed the soul

This fusion cuisine, which carries the delicate whiff of the Continent and the earthy, spicy and "fiery" feel of India and the North West Frontier provinces, define zaika and what it stands for. Its been brought forth by chef ajay and megha.who have the great experience in the five star hotel in india.

Chef and owner of the restaurant comes together in a one person, who gives the food quality and taste all together.We source ingredients from all over the Indian sub-continent and hand mix the perfect spice combination in our kitchen. We use an Indian charcoal fired tandoor to bake our breads and entree, ensuring our diners receive soft, perfectly baked bread and kabab every time.

A Message from the Owner
Our rule of success: "No matter what, the guest is always right." Please let us know how we can better serve you.

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